Bulls and Bears

Rob Kreft & Neil Cowin will present how to create another form of income and create wealth through ‘Share trading as a business’. Rob Kreft and Neil Cowin are from the Bulls and Bears Network Pty Ltd, more about that later.

Why you need a Trading Plan
Rob Kreft

Rob Kreft has had a career in the building and construction industry. He also has a master’s degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management, which gave him experience in training people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Currently, he trades full time, coaches and mentors people leaning to trade and invest and helps people set up their trading structures which are tax effective and provide rock-solid asset protection.

How to form a Trading Strategy
Neil Cowin

Neil Cowin has a background as an engineer and has training in the Occupational Health and Safety field. Currently, he runs a business that provides products and services for stock market investing and trading, he also trades full time and coaches and mentors students in trading and investing.

Both these guys have had extensive learning on trading, investing and personal development. In terms of trading, they have done courses with Alan Hull, Leon Wilson, Dr Alexander Elder, Louise Bedford, Chris Tate, Darryl Guppy, Peter Spann and more. They have also read books by all the above and some other highly noted international authors.

Both have learnt to trade through the hard school of knocks. By their own admissions, their trading journey has had its ups and downs. Over the years they have developed a system. This did not come overnight or without its ups and downs. “We only watch the screen from half to one hour a day these days”. “Nowhere near as much time as we used to”.

These guys don’t take stock market ‘tips’ from anyone when they trade. They rely on their analysis developed from their extensive training and education. Most importantly, they trade with a ‘Trading Plan’. This includes a strict set of rules on stop-loss levels. They determine these levels before they put on the trade. Trading is like any other business ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. That’s why 80% of businesses fail because they don’t have a business plan. In trading, our business plan is called a ‘Trading plan’. To develop a plan, you need to educate yourself so you can develop a style and time frame that suits your personality. We have developed different systems for people with different time frames.

They are directional traders. They trade long and short, depending on the direction of the market. “We trade CFDs for our top 300 stocks as it is a lot easier to short these instruments than traditional ways”. They have systemised what they do, with good trading habits which include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly routines. These guys regularly measure their performance on win/loss ratios, average win size, length of time the stock was held, expectancy rate and equity curves.

Their philosophy is that Money management is the key to survival and do this by keeping losses small and letting their profits run with a trailing protect profit stop loss. As you can see learning and education is important to these guys for continual improvement, so come along and share their experiences.

The Bulls and Bears Network Pty Ltd

The Bulls and Bears Network Pty Ltd (BBN) is a company that offers support to people that trade or invest in the stock market. Their support includes quality products and services like software, data, books, coaching, training, seminars, mentoring and much more. All the products and services provided are extensively scrutinised before we offer them to our clients.

The BBN also sponsor a not for profit traders club ‘The Sunday Traders club’ that meets once a month and offers quality speakers from a diverse range of topics. Some of the speakers last year included well known Australian authors Alan Hull, Louise Bedford, Colin Nicholson and Leon Wilson. Super coaches like Chris Shea and Writers for Trading Magazines like Jonathon Barrett. We have also had professional traders and investors talk at the club. The club is a great learning environment and is a fantastic place to network with like-minded people. A great place to meet other members and discuss products and services offered out there in the industry, before you buy. For more information check out their website www.bullsandbearsnetwork.com